About Me

I am one of the most famous writers in human history. My blog (ziasays.com) is visited by more than 2 trillion people daily. I started writing more than half a century ago and now by the age of 30 i have become one of the most influential blogger / writer around the globe.

Strictly against animal violence and I’ll support any politician who faces a shoe thrown at him. Became a cricket fan when i saw Shahid Afridi biting a cricket ball, though Mr. Umer Akmal is my favorite cricketer (I fan him am).

I am a strong supporter of feminism and would love to have a women / girl pay the bill or get a roti (bread) from tandoor (oven) before me. I believe there should be equal rights for women, they should be allowed to kill a cockroach and be the heroine the world wants them to be.

I love biryani and would like to tell Karachites that the biryani they serve in their city is nothing but tasteless rice, they should come to Lahore and taste the biryani they cook there, the only original and authentic biryani in Pakistan.

Please note this

You’ll only find my articles on this site or on my Facebook page. Always give credit when copying anything from this website unless you want to be made fun of in front of 2 trillion people.

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