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justin bieber and tome cruise

Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise for a fight. Another step towards women empowerment

We all know Justin Bieber, it is said that he is a singer and became famous after his music video “Baby” became most watched video on Youtube leaving behind the previous record set by “How to print a photo from Epson LQ-2180”. Bieber on Sunday tweeted and challenged Tom Cruise (aged 56) to fight him...Read More

PTI Govt. took a step towards eliminating status quo. Appointed Federal minister’s sister as director NACTA

Prime Minister Imran Khan has always said that he will never tolerate status quo, abiding by his own sayings, sister of a federal minister in his cabinet has been appointed as director NACTA. Guls have always been an important part of Pakistan be it Umer Gul or any other گُل they have always left a...Read More

Ministry of Science and Technology launched a moon sighting website, welcome to 2009

It’s been a few days Govt. of Pakistan announced that they are done doing business with Mufti Muneeb, probably the oldest person who still looks same after around three decades, sorry Mahnoor Baloch. We have heard that haste makes waste but have you ever heard of haste becoming a time machine and taking you a...Read More

Talal Chaudhary isn’t sure what CPEC stands for but his masters in sexism is valid for sure

Sexism is a great thing, specially when it comes to politics, more specially when it comes to Pakistani politics. Sexism and derogatory remarks are way better than logic and respect. Take Talal Chaudhary for example, he is not sure what CPEC stands for, he might not spell secretary or Mustansar Hussain Tarar but he surely...Read More

Let’s burn dollars, selling them isn’t feasible after all

Value of Pakistani rupee is going down just like the quality of Game of thrones in season 8. Our great nation has once again shown their absolute unmatched expertise on the matter and instead of claiming how much they’ve got, they’ve decided to publicly burn them. Apparently, burning money has become more profitable in the...Read More