Did You Know These Unusual Facts About The Human Body?

Humans are one the most complex species in this universe. With very powerful immune system and other interesting facts about the organs, i have arranged a few facts that you might be reading for the very first time. Read on..

Unusual Facts about human body

  1. The Brain named itself brain.
  2. Your brain compensates if you are born with a mental disability but if you had none and you met one, you’ll be disabled.
  3. You mostly breathe through one nostril and the dominant nostril is shifted after every hour or so.
  4. When in an unfamiliar environment or situation, our brains sleep half awake, the reason why you wake up easily in such environments.
  5. Your immune system doesn’t know that your eyes exist. If you get an injury near your eyes or an infection, there is a chance that your brain thinks of the eyes as foreign objects and you go blind.
  6. By cell numbers, we are more bacteria than humans.
  7. Human body has enough bacteria to make seven soap bars, unless you are obese which can make 14.
  8. Before starting an exercise, your brain realizes and your heart rate increases a bit.
  9. The Sun never causes any changes in our skin, its the cells that kill themselves to prevent you from skin cancer.
  10. We have an internal regulator that prevents us from using our full strength. We only use around 60% of our muscle strength unless in life-death situations, these regulators stop and we use our full strength like picking up heavy weights and tipping over a car. This happens because we can heavily damage our body by using our full strength.
  11. Your tongue doesn’t fit properly in your mouth. You are basically swallowing it.
  12. Your sense of balance depends on your eyes, you cannot balance yourself with eyes closed.
  13. Women forget the pain of child-birth, if they didn’t, they would end up having only one child lowering the population.
  14. A Fever makes your body temperature rise to kill whatever virus your body is fighting. When white blood cells have done their job, we sweat to cool off and fever breaks.
  15. If you have oily wax in your ears your sweat will produce smell, if you have powdery or dry wax, you won’t smell even after heavy sweating.
  16. Stress hormone is called cortisol, it only leaves your body through sweat or tears. Tears from onions and pepper don’t remove cortisol.
  17. You have a dominant eye.
  18. The reason why breast milk changes color and density from time to time is that the nipples of a feeding mother test the health of a baby through it’s saliva. Changes are then made to the milk to add ingredients that help the baby fight against health issues.

These are some facts i thought to share with you. Will end this by sharing another one that is quite unusual.

  • You cannot breathe while you smile.

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