Nawaz Sharif becomes Baba Wanga

Political fortune telling is actually a thing, Imran Khan told way before he became PM of Pakistan that he’ll make people cry. Although he never named a person as a result Pakistanis are in a state of cry.

Prices as well as Imran Khan’s speech timings are going up. Rivals like Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are going jail. Not sure who to give the credit to as NAB is seen in quite a romantic mood in the last previous days. I simply cannot expect such hatred from them at all.

It’s been some time that Nawaz is in Jail, he came out for medical purposes (of his own) instead he started noting down the blood pressures of PMLN workers. Went back and now from jail Nawaz has some future predictions for Khan. He said and i quote

he is not a seer or a fortuneteller but he knows Imran Khan’s downfall is imminent

said Nawaz

He is NOT a fortuneteller but he IS tellings fortunes and I am not a doctor but i want to prescribe medicines, can I? Nawaz also said

Imran Khan is a player who will soon be thrown out of the stadium by spectators. His Bani Gala residence is in the midst of corruption. Imran should be ashamed of himself.

I just want to tell him that its not the people who throw out players, mostly its done by the umpires. Speaking of umpires, where is Nawaz anyway? Certainly not in stadium.

Political and weather conditions are hot in Pakistan and are expected to remain hot till the judgement day. Stay indoors and ask Baba Wanga if you are worried about future.

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