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Structured data has no impact on rankings in web search

Rebecca Eisenberg, a food blogger tweeted a couple of days ago that calorie count is necessary and has to be added to the recipe otherwise Google won’t show your website in search results. Google search liaison Danny Sullivan clarified that this is not the case, “structured data like this has no impact on rankings in web search”.

Here’s what she said in her tweet:

Google says that calorie (in this case) is merely a suggestion and is not required. Here’s what Google says about structured data:

“Yesterday, a concern was raised that calorie information was required for recipes to be included in or to rank well for Google Search. This is not the case. Moreover, structured data like this has no impact on ranking in web search. This thread has more we hope eases concerns…
Content owners can provide structured data as an optional way to enhance their web page listings. It has no impact on ranking. Using it may simply help pages that already rank well appear more attractive to potential visitors.”

Structured data is used to enhance the search snippet and to make urge searchers to click on the links with structure data but is not a requirement.

Google will be reviewing the search console’s warning to minimize such misunderstandings.

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