Why We Created BARZ

We have been working in the corporate sector for almost a decade now. Its ugly, its unfair it treats you like shit even though there are people I know who spent a lifetime to convert a tiny company into a conglomerate and are still bashed on coming late at the office.
Then there are companies which were built just to make money, their work: pathetic, their client servicing is as better as their work. They are charging their clients with a huge sum of money and what they are giving in return can just make a sane person vomit.
We created BARZ to make a change, our current marketing agencies are producing content based on the audience they THINK they are catering to, which we think is wrong because they’ve been deprived of good content or as Steve Jobs put it “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”.
Our mission is to bring something new to the plate, something creative and out of the box, using the client’s product, it really doesn’t matter if a small number of people like it. We want those low-quality flex designs out and something creative to come in like tbwa is currently doing. We don’t want to show female celebrities on a telecom ad or a tired person in a tea commercial.
Money is also not important here, just to change this trend of using one idea again and again and then not scrapping it so that we can apply it to another client with a totally different product. Although we can do this way better than others. We have provided very affordable packages for our clients with the same amount of quality and creativity you can expect from a creative agency like tbwa.
I personally have seen that people here in Pakistan rarely want to evolve in the way they market their products and I am afraid this is going to affect our marketing industry except those few out there who are working to make this evolution happen.

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